The Retail area represents the last step of the distribution chain, companies that operates in this area directly relate with final customers.

They are therefore in contact with many customers and suppliers, for this reason they need an efficient informative system in order to develop at best different operations:

Next BI’s business intelligence supports the unification of data coming from different sources and, since all the operations are carried out in memory data go fast and you will obtain:

  • Access to Excel file, “flat file” and XML document;
  • Standard interface to ERP system or to different data warehouse;
  • Access to ODBC and OLEDB to any relational database;
  • Load data in an incremental way to execute update quickly;
  • Possibility to use  security settlement to assign users rights related to data and applications;
  • Real time update of data coming from underlying system without needing complete update.

Our solution for the Retail area supplies tools for a simple and direct integration of new data sources as soon as they become available, eliminating the need of generating new cubes or reconstruct everything. No more waiting for non-updated report, no more assumptions: just quick and strategic answers to the more complex problems.

Next BI designs and develops technologies that integrate at best company’s informative assets, improve their data integrity and transform data in powerful Business Intelligence to be used on large scale. Consequently, thanks to these solutions companies are able to improve sales and revenues.

We offer companies tools to operate in an innovative way, especially for what concern the decision-making process; in fact it allows people to make smarter decisions based on the visibility of statics and structured data, for example:

  • Formulation of Budget and Forecast;
  • Big data and related techniques help  to manage at best the increasing speed, variety and volume of data and information;
  • The mobile computing makes available analysis to an increase number of people, enabling them to make smarter decision in every moment and everywhere;
  • The social media analysis allows to understand the type and way of reaction showed toward actions and activities, in faster time and with more precision with respect to data acquired through focus group;
  • Predictive analytics combines a series of different factors ensuring to decision-makers a precise and punctual chart of events that will happen with maximum probability, indicating the best scenario in a precise context, and actions to be undertaken.