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Business Intelligence helps Public Authority to treasure one of the most important available asset, the informative asset. It is important to have Business Intelligence solutions, it requires cooperation among different sectors of a public authority and an accurate planning.

The objective of our solution is to find the proper balance between the offered services, economic analysis and compliance to requisites of public authority’s responsibility, by providing quick results and guaranteeing transparency for a responsibility approach.

BI, when data help the decisions making

Advantages offered by Business Intelligence are multiples: for example On fiscal matter, it gives a complete vision of due and deposited taxes of each person; on the transportation system, the possibility to analyze traffic flows; on medical matter, it provides the chart of medicines and therapies used by each patient.

A crucial element for the projects’ success is represented by the compatibility of the software with the solution owned by Public Administration. That is why the starting point is the quality and compatibility of the software. Only by using these tools, it is possible to obtain a competitive advantage.

Intelligent experiences of Public Administration

The application of BI in the Public Administration allows to support activities like balance sheet analysis, scheduling the job, detailed plan of objectives, planning of strategic control, management control, performance control and valuing objectives. These (and many others) BI application have in common not only the rapidity of executions but also the efficiency of taken decisions.

The complete visibility transforms processes

Public authorities, training centers and no-profit organizations have to increase the efficiency of the service offered to a population in continuous expansion. The organization in this area are continuously looking for methods that allow them to improve response time and operative performance. Our technology provides a flexible access to data of internal systems and external sources, offering the visibility needed to efficiently modernize processes with an immediate return on investment.

It is possible to realize statics and analysis with crossed data. A district that uses our BI can remedy to the problem of control and analysis to be carried out and that are included in different database not centralized in an only one application. In this way report can be realized with simplicity and with reduced costs.

Thanks to our solution, public authorities can:

  • Improve levels of performance, transparency and planning;
  • Implementing efficient structures on revenues and performances;
  • Identify criticality and methodologies to optimize processes;
  • Expand and monitor services of auto assistance offered to citizen;
  • Transform manual procedure into collaborative automate processed.