Since these companies invest a lot in research and innovation, they widely need predictive analysis that allow anticipating and forecasting future scenario and managing the business more efficiently, maximizing profits.

NextBI’s solutions make possible understanding market demand, curating the strategic and forecasting planning, and therefore managing marketing and sales processes to optimize the communication with the market.

The primary objectives of these companies are the quality control and cost minimization by monitoring productive processes. NextBI in this way offers solutions for.

Finally, starting from the premise that Research and Development has a strategic role in these companies, Next Bi’s team provides clients different tools for:

  • Risk’s indexes thanks to the Signal Detection’s analysis;
  • Performances’ control on Research and Development;
  • Reducing time and costs of experimentation (analysis of clinical data and distribution of results);
  • Analyzing new molecules  (analysis of Microarray, Genetics’ marker, proteomic and metabolomics).

All these technologies are highly scalable and flexible in order to potentiate the informatics system without modifying the infrastructure.