Our solutions for the manufacturing companies cover all the business processes and therefore represent an answer to the needs of all the functions.

Manufacturing companies need managing at best the supply chain in order to be competitive on the market, by negotiating with suppliers, taking care of production, acquiring new clients and retaining the existing ones. The proper and punctual control on the principal activity, that is the production phase, it is fundamental to minimize waste and increase products’ quality.

The Next BI’s solutions allow interpreting and using data in an efficient way in order to achieve business’ goals. Many companies are in a situation where they can not take advantage of existent data deriving from different ERP system or departmental, therefore they are not in the situation to quickly answer to the market’s needs.

In this situation, they are not able to take proper decisions quickly, losing various opportunities. Our Business Intelligence solution help the board to in budgeting and forecasting processes, and all the variables that influence profitability.

The integration of plans, objectives and data in only one environment ensures that all the bodies of your organization are represented in a coherent way. This is the only way to guarantee that every area is aligned with the objectives and strategies of the top-management.

The technology we offer adapts to the modus operandi of the company without altering company’s routine.

Next BI interprets the EPM’s model as a totality of structured analysis that quickly provide the information needed to identify the inefficiency in order to measure, or better analyze, performance.

The models of analysis are developed in a cross way with respect to the different business area in order to provide immediate and thorough information to who has to decide. Our Business Intelligence solution collects data from database and sources of different natures and, through normalization, it allows sharing information also via web. Our modular suite is implementable based on company’s need and it allows to:

  • Rapidity of implementation and reduced costs;
  • Rapid and quick elaboration of big volume of data;
  • A scalable solution that does not compromise future development;
  • Immediate lead time thanks to the innovative technology in-memory.

Nowadays companies pay attention on sustainability, for this reason, our solutions support this theme thanks to technologies that allow forecasting, measuring and analyzing risks and environmental and social opportunities.