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Our team of consultants and developers has created specific solutions for the Fashion and Luxury sector. These solutions respond to the specific needs that characterize this particular market.

The gradual spread of new technologies in everyday life redefines consumers’ needs, and the way they behave and interact with the surrounding environment.

The new consumer uses different channels within the buying process. Her path has now become dynamic, accessible and continuous.

A 360° vision of the client is becoming essential, it integrates information coming from all the different touch points, it identifies priority customer’s segments where to intervene and constantly adequate its offer.

The Omnichannel experience is essential nowadays as well as a starting point for those who want to communicate in a consistent, coordinate and intelligent way through all the channels, and improve customers’ loyalty thanks to relevant and focused offers.

We are able to offer innovative marketing solutions like Porximity Marketing and Geomarketing to companies.

The proposed suite, moreover, allows to access to dashboards (indicators of the principal companies’ measures), top sellers, deviations, trend of temporal development of revenues and volumes, dispersion analysis with respect to previous years, and customers’ buying behavior analysis.

The fashion market requires flexibility, and this is a proper characteristic of our solutions, in fact, the different analysis can be reclassified based on different dimensions like customers, items, agents, area, recipients etc. These analysis allow monitoring all the aspects of a fashion company, therefore they permit to visualize details related to orders, costs, invoices, budgets, commissions, ABC analysis and Pareto; moreover  it is also expected the management of the rolling year (analysis of the previous 12 months).

In order to stoke the visualization engine, normalized files (named extractors) were created, they contains all the data related to the analysis in question both historical (ex: agent that sold the product) and actual (ex: agent in the registry).

The main strong points are:

  • Immediacy of usage for the final users;
  • Data integration and rapidity of consultation even via Web
  • Flexibility of the logical model of reporting at different levels of detail.

Financial ManagementBusiness Strategy and Purchases Analysis are other solutions that can help in managing and analyzing business’ trend.