Construction Companies And General Contractor

Construction Companies And General Contractor2018-02-14T10:09:21+00:00

NextBI offers a Business Intelligence solution dedicated to construction companies and General contractor.

Thanks to this solution, every company will be able to promptly determine costs, revenues and financial situation of one or more projects. The possibility of entering directly and simultaneously in all the different databases, allows total control over the working progress in a simple, fast and continuous way.
Many market-leading companies, both large and small, already trust our solution due to its peculiar modularity.

Among the different functions, it is possible to:

  • Control WIP (work in progress) and  PSR (Project status report);
  • Analyze sales’ revenues;
  • Monitor direct and indirect costs;
  • Analyze the project’s income statement;
  • Control financial plan of receivables and payables;
  • Control project’s worked/charged hours.

In the construction sector, more than in any others, it is fundamental to have a proper management and analysis of the financial situation. Next BI’s team knows these needs and offers adequate solutions for the management control and financial situation.

Financial Management and Business Strategy  are other two solutions that can support construction companies.