Banking And Financial Services

Banking And Financial Services2017-08-28T16:29:46+00:00

Every day financial institutions have to manage a great volume of data and information. This creates the need of being able to visualize and analyze them as well as sharing them with the organization.

In order to survive the complicate financial management they unavoidably need a technological support that allows a quick elaboration of data, a proper and fast processes’ execution.

A proper Business intelligence’s solution like the Next BI’s one allows to:

Risk management analysis are integrated to performance analysis solutions in order to value and manage properly different risks types as:

  • Liquidity’s risk: creation of normative indicators ((LCR, NSFR), pre-payment models, management of payable on demand, cash flows’ projection, counter balancing capacity and pricing risk adjusted;
  • Credit risk: to meet the immediate liquidity needs of banks, risk management analysis provides standard evaluation models and internal ones (EPE), as well as new models like Credit value adjustment (CVA), pricing CVA, and value at risk (VAR);
  • Stress Testing: in order to have sophisticated, fast and accurate calculation engines, able to evaluate both risks and advanced best practices, and explicit connections and correlations to achieve a global vision.

NextBI offers specific solutions of Economic and financial analysis to support management control following Pillar II and Basilea II.

Our technology therefore supports all the functions of small, medium and large financial institutions.