The Quality function, which until recently was considered intrinsic to the production, today, given the importance attached to it, has acquired greater autonomy and represents an area in its own right.

Quality in fact no longer concerns just to the product’s quality but rather it refers to a broader concept that covers all business processes.

The goal is to offer the customer a product or service that fewer possible defects, meeting or exceeding market expectations.

The checks on products and process efficiency by assessing the trend of the time, document management, supplier evaluation, the management of complaints, reports of non-compliance are typical operations of those engaged in this function and a system information that takes advantage of the latest business intelligence technologies such as that offered by NextBI helps perform them more easily, accurately and reliably.

The corporate unit dedicated to quality should have these tools, coupled with solutions for the analysis of production and for the performance of control in order to improve product or service more quickly.