Process Area Consultancy

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The consultancy aims to represent the business model and operating procedures in place, through the description of business processes and the relationships between them. Observe and represent the arrangements for establishing the cost of a long process stages that comprise it, figuring the cost / value ratio for each of them. In particular to improve the mapping of processes and the Process Sizing.
Our intervention aims to the analysis of the following elements:
Support to the implementation of management information systems;
Assessing the appropriate size of the business processes;
Coding of operating modes with internal learning purposes;
Understanding and monitoring of the operational efficiency of the business processes.
The experience allows us to formulate, as a result of the consultation, a “multidimensional judgment” on the health of business processes, with reference to the consistency with the objectives assigned and compliance against standards and internal and external regulations. In particular, we use the concept of “process” as a key to understanding and quantification of business risk in the context of Enterprise Risk Management and Operational Rating.

Our intervention aims to the analysis of the following elements:
Audit support internal / external;
Verification of compliance with laws and regulations;
Identification and management of business risks;
Check the alignment between processes and strategy.


In an unstable market environment often we intervene to design solutions that ensure the alignment of business processes with respect to the performance objectives and risk mitigation, so that they are a vehicle for the creation of a real sustainable value. We also deal structuring relations “customer-supplier” between the functions of the same company, or between them and the partners / external actors. Upon completion of the intervention we follow the customer to define the creation of shared services centers by a group of companies, enabling them to concentrate on the activities ‘core’. The scope is defined by the themes of Business Process Reengineering and Service Management.

Our intervention aims to the analysis of the following elements:
Support for the initiatives of continuous improvement;
Generational change or inclusion of new information systems;
Creation of shared service centers and outsourcing support processes;
Standardization of operating procedures in place for business processes;
Solution of operational misalignments or critical than the company’s guidelines;
Support in change management projects for acquisition or change of ownership;
Structuring and Government of the relationship between functions and between the company and partners / suppliers.