Sales Analysis

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This Next BI’s solution allows obtaining easily and quickly, important information of the sales area. It is a model of business analysis for managers that want to monitor performances in a rapid, effective and autonomous way, having at disposal both a detail and general vision. By doing so it is always possible to monitor critical issues and promptly intervene with improvements.

The principal characteristics of this solution are: summarizing the key aspects of the sales process, easily monitoring the achievement of objectives, analyzing information to support the decision making process.

Moreover, the integration with statistics and forecasting allows making decisions based on real data foreseeing the future evolution of significant variables and so simulating different economic scenarios, without omitting company’s duties.

The simple and intuitive interface helps users on the usage and comprehension of data that can be consulted via web and on smartphones.

Sales analysis contains the main key performance indicators and measure’s analysis like:

  • Trend;
  • Budget;
  • What-If;
  • Dashboards;
  • Statistics;
  • Top Seller;
  • Variations;
  • ABC and Pareto;
  • Google Maps;
  • Outstanding orders;
  • Evaluation of commission.

The Customer Intelligence solutions can be combined with sales analysis in order to have a complete control of the marketing activities.

For the financial area instead it can be useful to integrate this solution with economic and financial analysis, financial management and business strategy solutions.