Purchases Analysis

Purchases Analysis2017-08-28T09:59:25+00:00

Next BI gives important support to the operation conducted by the purchasing area. It provides different analysis that simplify buyer’s job, helping him to choose the best supplier through the re-worked version of different data.

The Purchases analysis gives to the company instruments for:

  • Measuring operative plans;
  • Monitoring critical areas;
  • Promptly intervene with improvement actions.

The main strengths of the module are:

  • Immediacy of usage for final users;
  • Data integration and rapidity of consultation (even via Web);
  • Flexibility of the reporting logic model at different levels of detail/summary.

Next BI has developed Purchases Analysis and Outsourcing that includes the principal indicators of the company’s performance in the following areas:

  • Suppliers arrivals;
  • Outsourcing arrivals.

Some examples of functions are:

  • Google;
  • Backlog;
  • ABC and Pareto;
  • Top Five: best sellers;
  • Suppliers’ level of service (punctuality, dissimilarity ext.);
  • Dashboard: it quickly gives a summary of the area;
  • Variances: analysis of variances in different periods or budget;
  • What-If analysis: simulation based on different variables (exchange, costs, ext.).

Buyer may need also analysis regarding logistics and Stock.

Moreover, for those operating in the financial area can be useful to integrate this module with the other economic analysis and with financial management and business strategy solutions.