Proximity Marketing

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The experiences of national and international retailers have already traced the evolution of the sales dynamics defining the Proximity Marketing as the natural evolution of the sector. For this reason Next BI includes on its Omni Channel suite also a specific solution dedicated to companies that wish to communicate focused commercial proposal, personalized and geolocalized in real time.

The solution allows you to:

  • Identify who is next to the shop area, his characteristics and interests;
  • Send a specific message with an offer that takes him into the store;
  • The customer will be encouraged to go into the store thanks to the relevance and pertinence of the offer he has received, this will be calculated in batch (by using historical information) or in real time (by using current information);
  • At the end the customer receives a discount coupon, accumulates points related to the loyalty program and pays with his NFC device.

By combining this solution with sales analysis, financial management, customer intelligence and geomarketing a global vision can be achieved. The accomplishment of such a vision is a fundamental tool for those working in the Marketing and Sales areas.