Production Analysis

Production Analysis2017-08-28T10:02:27+00:00

Next BI technology allows monitoring in real time the productive system.

Thanks to the analysis of data measured in the production areas it is possible to control the trend of the production and the measure of inefficiency in order to have the quality’s management.

The principal analysis allows monitoring:

  • Costs analysis:
  • Index of defectiveness;
  • Department’s Performance;
  • Analysis of downtimes;
  • OEE: overall equipement effectiveness;
  • Days worked on site to calculate the People Productivity Ratio.

It is possible also to analyze the more innovative productive system like the ones that follow just in time (Kanban) to which is dedicated a specific module.

Next BI technology offers also forecasting solutions that allows foreseeing and planning the production based on periodicity.

This solution can be combined with the module of the stock analysis to obtain better results.