Logistics Analysis And Stock

Logistics Analysis And Stock2017-08-28T10:08:34+00:00

With Next BI’s Business Intelligence managing the company’s logistics become easier.

The stock analysis gives important and useful information to the business management and company’s logistics. In fact, it is possible to trace in an effective and efficient way movements of goods, their esteem and many other information.

In particular, analyzing every single stock movement, products registries, their classification and products’ costs it is possible to understand:

  • Inventories (value and quantity);
  • Slow moving (products that have not been moved);
  • Cross Analysis (ratio between consumption and average stock).

Thanks to the support of our technologies, results can be filtrated by any level of analysis and obtaining a graphic representation of them. In this way, results can be interpreted easily and intuitively.

Transportation analysis gives to the user a series of important information related to this area such as:

  • Total volume transported in a particular period;
  • Total costs beard for line, product, client ext;
  • Analysis of costs’ trend over different periods.

The main strengths of the module are:

  • Flexibility of the logic model of analysis at any level;
  • Immediacy and ease of utilize for business users;
  • Data integration and rapidity of consultation (even via Web).

Next BI has developed Transportation Analysis in order to answer quickly to the following questions:

  • Which is the most convenient supplier;
  • Which is the cost of optional expenses?;
  • Where am I shipping more often?;
  • Which is the average shipping time?;
  • Which are the trend of the costs’ tendency?;
  • Which is the transportation costs’ incidence on client/product/line/ext.

In Galileo EPM’s Philosophy this model allows to control data with proper Data quality forms and the detailed transactions. This permits to have always a complete control of the area.

Thanks to the business strategy’s suite it is possible to simulate what if scenarios regarding not only to logistics area but also to the other company’s areas.

The achievable results through the Financial management model can be very useful to manage the planning and the finance of the entire company.

Purchases analysis and sales analysis can be integrated with this module.

The stock is near to the production area, so the related production solution can be combined with the stock analysis.