Internet of things

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Next BI solutions are based on the concept of Internet of things: they treat technologies, sensors and and applications that allow not only people to talk to machines, but also to objects and application software to communicate directly with each other.

This produces a massive impact for companies, in fact it can provide innovative service to all their customers, including ensuring precise control of the facilities and technologies installed.

NextBI manages, together with the Business Analytics, the complexities of big data and the Internet of Things.
The new acronym SMAC combines the Social media technologies, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud computing. These technologies link our planet and devices, changing pur private and professional habits towards a new digital frontier and in particular (sensitive issue for companies) revolutionizing purchasing behavior, ways of communicating and business models.

With IOT we speak of digital disruption, which opens the perspective of the Industry 4.0 or the digital manufacturing, where companies are setting themselves in the global market as innovative by creating a discontinuity with the past, in terms of services and to win new customers.

For NextBI bits become the true knowledge predictive (the historian can draw mathematical deductions to calibrate decisions and future strategies), this is done with our software that trackS the device transactions to isolate the correct information to focus in, while avoding unnecesseray or inconsistent details. The process takes place in a precise way, thanks to algorithms, and securely through the use of special storage that offer large volumes and performing performance.

The business analytics tools, proposed by NextBI, help organizations unravel the complex world of Big Data and the Internet of Things, identifying the valuable information so that users can focus solely on real effectiveness activities for the business.

In this way the company and the ecosystem of technologies are connected to constitute the real corporate knowledge, creating an extraordinary virtuous circle in terms of internal productivity and customer satisfaction thus increasing the level of service to the prevention of breakdowns that get with the predictive models.

The solutions proposed by NextBI are easy and intuitive use and also in the consultation. The user of business, regardless of background information, can have a clear visibility of the information necessary for its work, this without worrying about the technology for the aggregation of data.
Extract to the guidelines of the National Plan for Industry 4.0. (Download)