Geomarketing e location intelligence

Geomarketing e location intelligence2017-08-28T10:20:47+00:00

In this area Next BI offers a wide selection of choice based on the characteristics of the customer, of the market, of the product and especially based on the analysis we want to make or obtain.

The basic system include the possibility of importing data deriving from external database to enrich the already gained information.

The great expertise leads us to implement analysis related also to the internal part of the company to optimize internal flows (warehouse logistic, stage-process optimization through research operating algorithms, products and machines arrangement, etc) this applies to every type of company.

For retail companies a particular focus is pushed over by analyzing the internal flow of every store rather than in front of every window analyzing customers’ sentiment, and estimating the number of new customers.

Among the most common functionalities we list as for examples:

  • Goods’ flow;
  • Stock situation;
  • Market coverage;
  • Copertura del mercato;
  • Sales territories analysis;
  • Market penetration;
  • Analysis of the commercial areas per responsible.

By combining this solution with sales analysis, financial management, customer intelligence and marketing proximity a global vision can be achieved. The accomplishment of such a vision is a fundamental tool for those working in the Marketing and/or Sales area.