Financial Management

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Next BI implements the Financial Management suite to create the consolidated financial statements in a Corporate view Reporting and Tableau de Bord systems and predictive models. The Finance, Planning and Control managers nowadays have a financial management solution to govern the multiple variables that influence the profitability. With a simple and immediate visualization.

With this solution Next BI gives the possibility to obtain a dynamic planning able to utilize past data/results to generate more value in the future thanks to the multidimensional vision of the crucial variables for the business and the possibility of simulating forecast scenario. An indispensable vision for planning and allocate resources properly and align business performance to the strategic object.

The suite allows you to:

  • Create multiple simulation and what-if scenarios;
  • Manage the consolidated financial statements;
  • Manage the workflow and process of data collection which takes into account all the methodologies;
  • Optimization of the parametrs of costs’ allocation, imrpoving goods’ profitability;
  • Symplyfing the data importing, integrating the report with the consolidated budget;
  • Accelerating process of budgeting and forecasting with the common and certified information basis;
  • Authomatic creation of the consolidated financial statement, tableau de bord and reporting of management control: Standar reporting and ad hoc analysis, IFRS compliance, simulation and what if, cost allocation and profitability analysis of products and channels, cost allocation on organizational structure and customers analysis through traditional methodologies, ABC and transfer price etc.

Everything is aimed to obtain the proper information at the right time, having all the company’s data, regardless of the source, formulating accurate forecast regarding the utilization of resources and costs related to business’ activity, measuring actual performance and analyze them with forecast and historical ones, comparing it with business tendency to catch new business opportunity and minimize risks.

In order to have a global vision of the financial situation this solution can be integrated with economic and financial analysis (they give a great support, for example, for what concerns the General Accounting and Analytical Accounting or the monitoring of the cash flows) and business strategy solution.

Moreover, integrating financial management with purchases analysis, sales analysis, logistics and warehouse analysis and human resource analysis, the finance area has all the data for a complete control of the company.