Economic And Financial Analysis

Economic And Financial Analysis2017-08-28T10:06:08+00:00

NextBI’s solution for the financial area allows simplifying business processes and improving the comprehension of all the economic and financial dynamic of the company: budget analysis, graphics, report and forecast are always available for the user in a simple and intuitive way like a normal spreadsheet.

With the Financial analysis, it is possible to:

  • Monitor due payments;
  • Verify the financial means in the medium-long term and it is possible to compare forecast data with final;
  • Monitor the cash flows automating the processes that generate bank statements;
  • Simulate future scenarios modifying different voices of reclassification and verifying the relative impact on the financial budget.

Next BI offers concrete solution for planning and control that optimize time of reporting and budgeting.

Thanks to the management analysis, we can have a complete report of the company’s trends over different perspective in order to obtain a clear vision of the company’s situation that helps to make decisions in an effective way.

User has different tools for general accounting and analytic accounting, starting from the detailed lecture of the accounting movements and the relative chart of accounts, it allows to have a balance of each account in every time.

Moreover, through the reclassification of the accounts it is possible to obtain quickly different performance indicators (ROI, ROE, etc.) and budget reclassifications.

Nowadays the environment is very uncertain especially for stakeholders, for this reason Next BI offers tools to assess risk and liquidity, giving specific support to banks, insurance, corporation, Oil and Gas association and Utilities, Asset management’s companies, foundations.

Among the different analysis available to complete the module, there are:

  • Customers’ Profitability analysis;
  • Costs analysis (ABC, “true cost”, what-if, outsourcing);
  • Banks’ Analysis, (analysis of the volumes traded with credit institutions with which the company operates);
  • Credits’ analysis (it can be integrated with the support of debt collections, credit insurance and cerved).

All the analysis are in-memory solutions that can be visualized in a table or graphic form that make the interpretation intuitive.

The modules of economic and financial analysis perfectly integrate with the Financial Management solution that allows using past data to generate more value in the future.

Next BI offers further modules of specific analysis for different company’s areas that can be combined with the financial analysis to obtain an overview of the entire company’s trend. They are purchases analysis, sales analysis and stock analysis.

Moreover, thanks to the Human resource analysis’ module, it can be displayed in detailed the specific situation related to the human capital of the company and manage the planning of it.