Data Management e Mining

Data Management e Mining2017-08-28T10:23:11+00:00


When data are reliable, they guide the companies’ decisions, for this reason it is necessary to decode them coherently with the specific needs.
Next BI solutions recover e and manage data independently from their dimension and complexity. This allows an immediate availability and quick analysis, helping the collaboration between business and IT.

Next BI offers a unique environment that allows organizations to manage data like a precious good, guiding business processes, decision processes and strategic ones.



The Next BI’s data mining solution offers the opportunity to exploit the potentiality of the informative asset of the company and transforms it in an incentive to competition and growth. Part of this asset are vital and demographic data, historical sales data, data deriving from POS and web transactions.

This Data Mining’s suite allows producing new knowledges that helps decision makers to based their strategies on a profound comprehension of the business and in all its aspects. It is possible to construct a model of the real world based on the data coming from heterogeneous sources, included transaction systems, historical and demographic data of customers,  and different external sources. Moreover, it is possible to discover new trends, value the future’s tendencies and forecast new opportunity of business.



The text mining’s ability allows extending analytic tools that Next BI offers. It extend the analytic tools also to text’s document to discover themes and key concepts hidden in the folders, grouping documents in thematic cluster, classifying documents based on predefined categories and integrate text with structured data and so potentiate the forecasting activity.