Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence2017-08-28T10:12:18+00:00

In order to optimize and manage customers’ relationships NextBI offers unique solutions:


Next BI suite is designed for the business user that develops the end2end management of the Marketing Process. The project takes care of Pianification, Execution and Monitoring of the personalized, multistage and multichannel marketing campaign.

Some examples of features are:

  • Action planning;
  • Target selection;
  • Execution of actions;
  • Planning Marketing Campaigns;
  • Monitoring campaigns’performances;
  • Collection of contracts and their respective responses;
  • Campaingns’ scheduling and implementation of recurring campaigns;
  • Analysis of the most suitable target to enhance communication efficiency.


Thanks to the innovative technology we use, with Omni Channel solution, we can build a new customer experience.

These are some of our values:

  • Management of the one-to-one relationship: to improve the interaction with the customer and be able to make him feel a real partner and not a target;
  • Loyalty programs: we use Advanced Analytics tools to support Loyalty programs in an Omni-Channel approach to identify the real customer’s profile and address the proper dialogue strategy;
  • Social Enabled Marketing: the aim is to enrich customer profile with online/offline information to manage a more precise and effective marketing strategy;
  • Sentiment Analysis: analysing the consumers’ feedback from Social Media, in order to improve our offer by understanding their criticism.

By combining this solution with Sales Analysis, Financial Management, Proximity Marketing and Geomarketing a global vision can be achieved. The accomplishment of such a vision is a fundamental tool for those working in the Marketing and Sales Areas.