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Instant Intelligence di NextBI: what is it?

Instant Intelligence allows you to have control their KPIs in real time. You can then ask NextBI B2B data, sales data, situation deadlines, orders etc. directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC. All data is taken from the archives of the ERP system, thus are always up to date.


Because our Instant Intelligence system is innovative?

Instant Intelligence NextBI allows you to view in real time all the KPIs and forecasts directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC in an easy and above all fast.


IoT and Instant Intelligence of NextBI

Our Instant Intelligence technology is also suitable for companies working in the field of Internet Thinks want to quickly monitor all the processes, devices, sensors and applications that make it modern and innovative services and technologies offered to customers.

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For how is it different than the usual BI analysis?

Instant Intelligence requires no training because the interaction between NextBI and the user is via a custom user-friendly keypad. All data is exchanged securely with strong encryption and remain on the company server.


What are my benefits?

I have the ability to view and control my data from the palm of your hand with your smartphone, in real time, wherever I am, with greater ease than the one with which I write a message. It does not require high-performance machines for installing the server side and is available on all client platforms (iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows).


More information?

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