Consulting Planning and Control

Consulting Planning and Control2017-08-28T10:27:22+00:00

The NextBI technology allows real-time monitoring of the production system.

Economic and financial reporting systems

The goal of the intervention aims to design reporting systems which monitor the financial performance at the enterprise level / group (with the logic underlying the consolidation), business, product configuration area. At the individual level or company with a corporate vision. The proposed model after counseling is the Financial Management suite.


We design of the functional performance monitoring systems through (a) the choice of the most significant KPI and goal setting (and / or constraints) operating company, (b) the identification of the target values ​​(including through ‘ series analysis), monitoring of the performance differential between the target and actual performance and analysis of possible underlying causes. Full intervention applying the solution for Financial Statement Analysis.
We analyze with the company matching and the effectiveness of existing control systems.
Our intervention aims to the analysis of the following elements:

• Assess the consistency of corporate control systems;
• To support the performance management processes and incentives;
• Support the creation of a common language at the group level;
• Draw the detection, processing and interpretation of data;
• Draw the structures of representation of business and functional results.

Strategic plans

L’intervento sviluppa la competitive analysis a supporto della definizione dei piani strategici, per la costruzione del budget aziendale e la successiva analisi di revised budget.

Realizzare i piani atti a formalizzare le scelte strategiche dell’azienda, declinarle in piani d’azione operativi e verificarne le condizioni “qualitative” e “quantitative” di fattibilità (anche attraverso ipotesi alternative di scenario).
Lo sviluppo dei modelli predittivi viene fornito con la suite di Business Strategy.

Budgeting and forecasting systems

We design for prediction of short-term business results for guiding the company’s shares during the year, in line with the strategic choices.
Our intervention aims to the analysis of the following elements:

• Develop Industrial Plans;
• Support business processes;
• Develop the elaboration of Budget Management;
• Do Due Diligence of the business plans developed by the company or by third parties;
• Analysis of business plans Strategic Sustainability, Earnings and Financial Position.

Cost accounting systems, and product costing

We implement modern monitoring systems and information processing of business cost designed to detect changes in costs per cost / product center.
The Financial Management suite is the ideal solution for the management of this area.

Standard systems and target costing

With the company will define for prediction of the product / service cost starting (a) the conditions of the production process (BOM / distinct cycles) or (b) the market conditions (price positioning area net of expected profits the specific product / service).
Our intervention aims to the analysis of the following elements:
• Support saving strategies;
• Evaluate the make or buy processes;
• The adequacy test product margins;
• An analysis of operational efficiency ratings within the company;
• Consolidate the development processes of inventory.

We also suggest the evaluation of Financial Management and Business Strategy suites.