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NEXTBI is a company working on Information Technology and Management Consultancy specialized in Marketing, Sales, Retailing, Customer Innovation, Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management.

The partnership with other firms and most known Italian Universities allows us to create an intense research activity to develop professional knowledge and support companies throughout their competitive improvement process and measure of performance

This research becomes then more concrete when it turns into a business project, field report and software applications with complex algorithms; project and applications created in our Software Development center where there are 80 expert technicians working.

Consulting means working with the company to understand its requirements, find the most innovative key solutions to test them and make them work in the fastest way possible.

We want to be part of a complete process that generates value for the company.

We believe in the constant update and in raising culture: we invest a lot on the training process and every consulting activity is customized and realized in the fastest way but without rushing to the objective.