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Next BI is one of the largest system integrators Italian and is a partner of the leading international vendors including IBM, QLIK, SAS and others.

A team of certified consultants provides the know-how accumulated over 30 years of business, with assets of more than 1,000 projects, in particular with a specialization in the areas Marketing, Sales, Retailing, Customer Innovation, Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management.

The collaboration with the companies and the best Italian universities allows us to perform a systematic research to develop the professional knowledge and support companies in their competitive improvement processes and performance measurement.

The research then becomes concrete when it turns into business projects, industry reports and software applications developed using complex algorithms. Projects and applications that are fabricated at in our software development center, which employs 110 technical experts.

Do consulting for us means working with the company to understand their requirements, design the most innovative key solutions, test them in the field and quickly launch them. We like to participate in a full path to generate value in a company.

Be a center of excellence is our main goal and this leads us to be a reference point in the market where quality, professionalism and enthusiasm are at the service of our customers satisfaction.

110 dedicated specialists in Software Development Center

30 years dedicated to software development

13 certified partners

5 headquartes owned

320 employees

Certification ISO 9001